Friday, October 25, 2013

My son, the future advertising executive

Me: Okay beta, it's time to clean up, dadi and dada are coming for the weekend and your toys are everywhere.
The three year old: No, you should do it.
Me: Excuse me? I should do it?
The three year old: Yeah, go ahead, you can do it mama.
Me: So you make the mess and I should clean it up? That's not nice, is it?
The three year old: Yes! It's nice! It's very nice!
Me: Explain that. How is it very nice for me to clean everything up?
The three year old: Smiling and patting my arm. Because you clean up so good! You're really good at it mama.

These kids. They're good.

He's still cleaning it up though.


Aysha said...

They are a lot smarter then we give them credit for. I still recall my shock when I realised my loveable sweet boy was selective hearing me. Clearly I was a very naive mum.

Aisha said...

LOL Ayesha, we do underestimate them, and they love it :)

Life | Above | Zero ! said...

LOl Now adays kids are super genius with laziness :D

Mahwish said...

LOL! this is hilarious. You have a future world ruler on your hands :)

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