Monday, November 04, 2013

On the fleeting crimson canvas beauty of November

I love November. It is my favorite month of the year. In Atlanta, November is when we get the full-bloom-beauty of fall. The part where the leaves are gold and the air is crisp and there's nary a mosquito in sight.

Eid-ul-Adha, November 2010. We went for a stroll in a park and as I encountered this scene a poem came to mind. “Whose woods are these I think I know…” Frost

November is when we can break out the kiddie track suits.

And take fall hikes.

And while reading books on the deck can be just a little chilly, it's that gentle sort of chill that only serves to make your chai taste just that much better.

But most of all, I think I love November for its narrowness. The sheer brevity of the window to take in the crisp cool air and the blinding beauty of crimson trees. In just a few weeks the leaves will shed, leaving barren branches pointing heavenward the sky. And that sky? Of brilliant blue? It will turn gray and drizzly, leaving a frosty cold that will reach through your heaviest layers, settling into your bones. It's coming. It's just around the corner. Nothing is permanent, least of all a brilliant November afternoon, but today? Today its still November, today I can sit on my deck with my kids in my arms, all of us reclined and taking in our private art display and today I am thankful for this month, brief though it may be, its mine to treasure while it belongs to me.

Hope you and yours are enjoying this beautiful fleeting season as well.


Anonymous said...

Fall is one the things I miss the MOST about the US :(. Moshin Hamid fan?


Tracy / said...

Agreed with you until I got to the end. I hate how fleeting these days are - my favorite time of the year. I try to soak it up while it lasts but there's always a to-do list that calls me away and before I know it, I head outside and the branches are bare and it's really cold and grey out :p

Enjoy your kiddie track suits hee hee :) I miss those, too.

Life | Above | Zero ! said...

Lol u posted it on 5th November so here i go with the November quote on a November Post .Remember ,remember the 5th of November of gunpowder treason and plot

Aisha said...

Ash, I grew up in Florida so this is a new phenomen [I've lived here ten years but it still feels new lol]. And yes I enjoy Hamid but this latest book was a bit disappointing :0/ Did you read it?

Tracy, I have a ridiculous ton of trees in my backyard so as much of a pain as it is with raking, and the terrifying feeling when a windy storm rushes through and the trees sway a bit too close to the house, they are fun to have this time of year when I can look out my window and just see the colors---- go outside TODAY and take in a walk-- even Target and Publix shopping lots here have lovely red trees in the parking lots :)

Life Above Zero, lol :) That's hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Nope, haven't picked it up as yet. He usually very readable.


Aisha said...

Ash, this was readable, I finished it in a few days but. . . lets just say I wish I waited for paperback. It's gotten CRAZY rave reviews from critics so it could be just me who missed something.

Sheryl said...

Lovely photographs! The waterfall is beautiful...we have visited some in North Georgia in the fall, and they're stunning.
I love that you relish this time with your kids. As a mom with her first child off to college, I am acutely aware of how special these moments are with our kids, because they grow so quickly. Keep them in your arms on your deck and enjoy every second.

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