Wednesday, January 08, 2014

114 things to do in 2014

If you've been reading this blog a while, you know I love me some lists, and no lists more than I love the yearly 'to do' lists that I've done at least five years so far. As I said a few years ago, these lists serve as a reminder of what I value in my life and what I hope to accomplish. So many of us live our lives in a daze, we have so much going on, work, children, responsibilities that often feel never ending, so you never find that time to follow your dreams and bliss. Through listing, you at least become aware of what you want, and that's the first step in getting there. If interested in my progress check here where I plan to keep things posted! Plan to do this too? Please share! Either way, what are some goals you have for 2014?
  1.  Lose 10 pounds.
  2. Unsubscribe from all the random e-mails I'm subscribed to. January 2014. 
    1. It took about an hour to go through all of my unwanted e-mails but I finally unsubscribed from nearly all of them! Now time to make a dedicated junk e-mail address!
  3. Make a list of "to read" books from acclaimed POC authors.
  4. Get passports for the kids. May 2014
  5. Write a one-sentence journal daily summarizing my day.
  6. Finish 20 of my TBR but purchased books.
  7. Re-read the entire Harry Potter series.
  8. Do the 100 item purge.
  9. Donate money. Eidi Foundation is a great place to give.
  10. Donate books.
  11. Donate clothes.
  12. Get a physical
  13. And a dental cleaning.
  14. Make a vintage sign
  15. Teach Musa to sleep through the night. or have him teach me how to function coherently.
  16. Learn five new vegetarian dishes
  17. Learn five new desserts
  18. Learn one new soup recipe.
  19. Learn fifteen new dinner meals
  20. Learn how to make candied pecans.
  21. And toffee.
  22. Learn how to whip cream into whipped cream. This is the recipe. Use kitchen aid mixer or some other hand-mixer and whip it fast and voila- five minutes: whipped cream!
  23. Buy a waffle maker
  24. Make waffles from scratch
  25. Make a lavish brunch with said waffles. And whipped cream.
  26. Buy fresh flowers just because
  27. Cut up and eat a bowl of pomegranate.
  28. Try a new ethnic cuisine.
  29. Stop biting my nails.
  30. Organize a baking space in my kitchen area
  31. Turn my loft into a writing oasis.
  32. See the ocean
  33. See the mountains
  34. Visit a pumpkin patch with family
  35. Carve a pumpkin
  36. And make pumpkin pie 
  37. Make an apple pie from scratch
  38. Make space for daily meditation
  39. Read a photography book
  40. Buy a new digital video camera.
  41. Get a professional photo shoot.
  42. Make a baby book for W
  43. Make a baby book for M
  44. Make handmade Eid cards.
  45. Try a few other different types of handmade cards.
  46. Paint outdoor rocks.
  47. Design a new henna pattern 
  48. Frame the henna pattern
  49. Host Thanksgiving dinner.
  50. Try a new bread recipe.
  51. Attend one event at my new local Masjid.
  52. Find an organization that helps South Asian women.
  53. Join the organization.
  54. Reconnect with a long lost friend
  55. Write 5 love letters and mail them.
  56. Use cash for all purchases for one week.
  57. Get an ATM card.
  58. Get credit monitoring.January 2014
    1. If you were affected by the Target credit card hacking they are offering free credit monitoring here, redeemable up to April 30, 2014.
  59. Whiten teeth
  60. Re-read the Quran
  61. Beat a certain someone at air hockey once and for all. 
  62. Hold their hand when they weep uncontrollably at their defeat.
  63. Find a charity project to do with the kids
  64. Attend a local festival.
  65. Try a food truck event.
  66. Make. And take. Hostess cookies. January 2014.
    1.  I baked a dozen cookies for the hostess but my purchased tin could only fit four. Do'h. Still. It's done. Now off to find bigger non-holiday themed tins!
  67. Find a new [to me] TV series. House of Cards, BoardWalk Empire, Veep!
  68. Finish up the last season of The Wire
  69. Finish my first draft of my current manuscript.
  70. Finish the second draft of my current manuscript.
  71. Spiffy up my current manuscript until its completed.
  72. Read a book in Urdu
  73. And buy a Dancing Goats coffee mug. Is it obvious how much I miss my old hood?
  74. Check out the Old Fourth Ward Park
  75. Go antiquing.
  76. Have afternoon tea with Ayesha. And morning. And evening. And all times in between.
  77. Get a yearly planner- the paper kind.
  78. Go fruit picking with the kids
  79. Learn a new cupcake or muffin recipe
  80. Learn sushi
  81. Take a vacation
  82. See a movie in theaters
  83. Paint our container for gardening.
  84. Grow vegetables in the container garden again
  85. And try one new vegetable.
  86. Grow mammoth sunflowers
  87. Make a fun lawn sign with the kids.
  88. Take my laptop to the apple store for treatment
  89. Establish one internet-free day a week.
  90. Buy a fire pit
  91. Roast marshmallows.
  92. Do at least one date night with the spouse. We got a truffle cake at cheesecake factory while my parents babysat. It was glorious.
  93. Have a get together with girlfriends sans kiddos. Many times over. Thank heaven for good friends.
  94. Make mint tea.
  95. Have a picnic.
  96. Find a moisturizers I love. Any recommendations?
  97. Buy new fun vibrant dinner plates
  98. Buy a real popcorn maker
  99. Make popcorn 
  100. Take a bubble bath.
  101. Buy new nail polish
  102. Make Oreo pops again.
  103. Get a manicure
  104. And a pedicure
  105. Do the Couch to 5K
  106. Do the Ekeiden Race. Yikes. I've committed with K and friends. So I guess I got to do it.
  107. Put up playful photos for the kid's playroom.
  108. Buy one fruit I've never heard of at the Farmer's Market
  109. Find stud earrings that I can always wear.
  110. Rewatch Veronica Mars
  111. Update this list by the end of the year
  112. Say yes to one thing I would normally say no to.
  113. Give a second chance to something/someone I normally wouldn't.
  114. Make a dream come true


adnan. said...

You have two "Make a dream come true" on your list. On purpose?

Aisha said...

Thanks for catching that Adnan! That was a mistake- I've fixed it! Thanks again!

Bushra said...

Great list! InshAllah may you get to all of them!

Some of my goals include improving my Urdu, getting back into Arabic, form an actual writing habit, and to quit procrastinating on a lot of things I've been meaning to get to.

Hope you get to rewatch Veronica Mars before the movie comes out! I can't wait!

Unknown said...

I love your lists. They're always so inspiring! After reading yours, I always try to make one for myself, but I can never get much beyond 40 items. Maybe my #1 item should be "Convince Aisha to make my yearly "things to do list" :-)

BTW, I don't want to foil your plans to buy a popcorn popper, but we make fantastic homemade popcorn using nothing more sophisticated than a metal mixing bowl (or just about any stove-top-pan will do). You don't need a special machine to make good popcorn, particularly one that just has one task. And it is *SO* much better than the microwave kind, and is *almost* as easy (not quite, but close!). I can give you details if you are interested :-)

Cylinda said...

Oh crap, I'm not logged in. That comment above all about popcorn is from me.

mystic-soul said...

Where is flu vaccine? (Can't help, I am a doctor!)

Aisha said...

Very strange to log in and see my comment got deleted. Huh.

Bushra, thanks for sharing your own goals, super impressive- and like you I'm super excited about the new VM movie! I just hope I'm not behind the loop because I didn't watch season 3 [I tried, but it wasn't that good IMO]. Might have to do some wiki updating on that season!

Cylinda- yes please! I am having a hard time imagining popcorn without a popcorn popper because I'm imagining popcorn just flying all over the kitchen. Likely not the case? lol.

Mystic- yes! That is on the list [well my own personal list for sure]. I didn't do it this year by accident and I regret that because a friend of ours is in the hospital from flu complicaitons- its not something to mess with.

Cylinda said...

Haha, yes, we prevent the popcorn from flying all over w/this fancy new invention called aluminum foil. It will change your life! ;-) I'll give you the details when I see you!

Anonymous said...

Love your list, very inspiring.
BTW, for popcorn making - I simply mix the kernels with a tiny bit of oil, put them in a paper bag, close the bag well and pop them in the microwave. No mess whatsoever.


Aisha said...

Thanks Cylinda- look forward to the recipe! Ooooh Natalie, thanks for that heads up. I had no idea it could be that simple- I've been eying it like its a very complicated thing but I guess not, lol.

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