Thursday, February 13, 2014

Three Beautiful Things Thursday: Winter

This has been a brutal winter. I don't mind a little snow now and then, in fact as a Floridian who never saw snow until adulthood, I kind of love a little snow now and then, but this winter has been strange one. I live in Atlanta. And Atlanta in February typically involves trading out the heavy coats for light sweaters, and mapping out which vegetables you'll plant in your container gardens in a few short weeks. February does not typically involve crackly iced branches....

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... and crunching ice under our feet.

The ice was what scared us. Ice on branches looming over power lines that could crash down at a moment's notice, which they did. We were spared, though many were not. And I can honestly say, that as much as I love the privacy of the hundreds of trees in my backyard [Truth be told, I could sing an ode to my poplar, I love it so] I didn't love them quite so much when they loomed ice-laden over my home.
stepping on fallen pine a safe distance away
We spent our week doing what we do when home bound. We read books, painted masterpieces, napped, and baked as much as humanly possible. And in doing so I realized how rare this time is. To simply be home together making legos and toppling legos, making cookies and eating cookies, and simply enjoying our kids, sinking into the moment and truly living it. Sure there were things to do, but we were doing those things, we were together, a blessing I can sometimes taken for granted which is unfortunate because it's the biggest blessing I have.

Rivers of melted ice ran down the street today. I watched snowmen topple from my writing table in my bedroom that overlooks our hill. And with the disappearing ice I knew our time holed up was also disappearing. This is good. We need groceries. I need Pho. And man do I need a quick run to Target. But I know that when I look back at the winter of 2014 I won't remember it for the things I feared, the potentially falling trees and downed power lines. I will remember it instead for the crunching ice under my one-year-old son's feet, the clumsy snowman with a lego nose, and the baking and breaking of bread with those I love. It is the love I will remember most.

Surely there are far more than three beautiful things here. Hope you had a good Thursday and are staying warm and safe despite the winter that just won't quit!

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mystic-soul said...

No mention of spicy pakorey, samosey and chatni shatni and garam garam chai?

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