Wednesday, March 12, 2014

On sunshine, sandboxes, and this miraculous beauty called spring

From the two inches of snow shutting the city down while we watched from our icy hilltop, to the rainy weekdays of late followed by always exquisite, always warm, always beautiful weekends, Atlanta weather has been interesting. Not that I'm complaining! Weekends that feel like a precious blessing that takes your breath away are the best kind of interesting there can possibly be. Gone are our wistful window-watching days.

caveat: this photo isn't them being wistful. More like being nosy.
Now? we're on the other side of the windows as much as we can possibly be. Whether it's to walk by our neighboring lake and feed the geese our leftover bread....

...or to putter in backyard sandboxes, toss frisbees, draw on sidewalks, and swing on swings.

Lately, we read outdoors. We eat outdoors. Playdough snowmen? They too are created better under a warm welcoming breeze. [As an aside, how awesome is a leaf blower for food crumbs? An invention sorely needed for kitchen floors]

Happiness springs from a myriad of complex factors. From serotonin levels, to attitude, to a million other little things. And while I'm an advocate for seeking happiness even on dark rainy days, a beautiful sunshiny day to wear sandals and feel the warm sun beating down on your hair while you twirl your children in your patio chair--- it helps boost the happy to the multiple of ten.

I'm in a happy quiet lull right now. Things are about to get busy and I don't know how many more lazy weekends like the one I just had I'll get for some time. But in the meantime? I'm savoring them. I'm soaking these days in between the frigid cold and the impending blistering summer with every fiber of my being. Like I said on instagram a few days ago, the unexpected blessing of a brutal winter is recognizing with fuller clarity the miraculous beauty called spring

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