Monday, February 09, 2015

Ode to sleep

We can blame it on a number of things from incoming molars to learning how to climb out of his crib but at the end of the day the fact remains that the two year old has decided sleeping is so very 2014. The problem however is I actually like sleep. It's kind of cool. I miss it.

It's been four days of less than four hours of sleep. I'm tired. I'm utterly and completely exhausted and so I should go ahead and just apologize right now if this post does not make a whole lot of sense because you know that sleep thing? Wow is it important. Like, you can have all the plans in the world. You can set up the writing table with your pen and moleskine and you can make chai as high as they sky but if you're working on several days of zero sleep you are not going to get anything done. Living with sleep deprivation is like living in a sea of fog with no harbor in sight.

On the bright side I'm not doing it alone. I know many do and I cannot imagine how difficult that must be. The spouse and I take turns with our little Magellan the bedroom explorer but as most parents know it's hard to sleep when you hear the shrieks of a little one in the next room over explaining that while it may very well be 3am I am not tired! I want to play! Curious George! Hold me.

This too shall pass. One day he will sleep [or so I'm told, though truly I do have to see it to believe it] but in the meantime, I will sing odes to sleep. Because sleep? Sleep is beautiful. Sleep is a fragrant field of roses. Sleep is sprinkle ice cream. It is chocolate brownies dipped in Godiva. Sleep is koala bears batting long lashes. And daisies. Sleep is warm summer breezes and clear Hawaiian sunsets.

Sleep gives perspective.
Sleep keeps brain cells secured in ones brain.
Sleep is.. nice.

In the meantime, yawn.

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Susan Jett said...

So sorry. No-sleep is no-fun. This will pass. It will. It really will. (Though, obviously not soon enough.)

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