Monday, May 16, 2016


Sunny Saturday morning of gardening, trimming, errands at large.
First weekend in town in weeks.

And then the text from a friend.
Air show! Come!

Fussy baby. Busy day. But the children plead, so we ergo the baby, zip in water bottles, and
pull in just in time to catch the last bit of the show.

Look at the view!
We're on the runway!
The planes are so close!
Watch them go down! Back up again.

Grand Finale, the announcer bellows. This last one is a surprise.

Two planes.
One blue, the other green, race through the sky,
They criss-cross. Weave. Pirouette in the air.

And then, the green plane crosses the blue,
swims back into the sky.

But the blue plane sputters.


It's part of the show.
It's part of the show. 
It has to be part of the show.
The crowd is silent. No gasps. No screams.
The fireman and officers stock still.

And I wonder now, if they were all praying too.

But then, a ball of fire.
The plane splits in two,
The announcer,
his voice subdued.
Cover your children's eyes. 

The plane flipped, the toddler shouts, over dinner.
Was someone inside? The elder asks.
They play out the scene. They draw it. They mime it.
And somehow, I mumble my way through.
Moments later they're laughing,
then arguing over cookies.
I feel relief when it's finally time for bed.

And feel a twinge witnessing the safety of their childhood because being an adult means telling your kids everything will be ok and wishing someone would tell you the same with equal conviction.

My thoughts and prayers with the man who lost his life, and his family whose pain I cannot even begin to imagine tonight.

It's been a while since I last posted here, but this has been where I process things that happen in my life, and even though there are many times I consider packing up shop entirely on the blogging end of things, moments like now, I'm grateful this is still here.

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KamilleE said...

Omg that's horrible! I feel so sorry for the family and the pilot. I hope you're okay.

We had an incident like this here last year and I cannot imagine what it must be like to see something like that.

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